Global Street Design Guide

Global Street Design Guide is an initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies (from the former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg) and NACTO (the USA National Association of City Transportation Officials) with input from experts around the world (not the Townsville Bicycle User Group, however) in response to challenges that large cities face.

The core message is a shift from the traditional automobile movement and safety point of view design to include access, safety and mobility for all users. In addition one gets environmental quality, economic benefit, enhancement of place, public health and overall quality of life.

It is about prioritising people in street design:NACTO_GSDG_Teaser_final_v15_Page_1Although the focus is on large cities, there is no reason a growing city like Townsville should go through stages of congestion and unlivability. Take Charters Towers Road (which does not yet have high rise buildings) and decide for yourself in which street design you would prefer to live, work and do business?


The possibilities depend on our choices

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