2017 QLD Cycling Report & Strategy

The information below is taken from the 2017 Queensland Cycling Report and the Queensland cycling strategy 2017-2027 produced by Queensland Transport and Main Roads. Through the Queensland Cycling Advisory Group, the Townsville Bicycle User Group had direct input into its development.

1.5 million Queenslanders have said that they would be interested in riding to school or work if the conditions were right. Safety is the main reason for choosing not to ride, but convenience is also important.

Separated cycling infrastructure is the number one priority for people who want to start riding. This is particularly important to encourage more women to take up riding to work.

Getting more people to experience the joy of riding benefits the whole community—every person who rides a bike to work, school, socialise or the shops means less traffic and less pollution. Choosing a bike over a car improves people’s wellbeing, supports healthy and happy communities and contributes to the economy.

Unfortunately, most short trips in Queensland are still made by car. We need to make cycling a natural choice for short trips. We need to make it convenient and safe to ride, whether you are an experienced cyclist or just getting started. Separated cycling lanes are the number one priority for this and, unfortunately, the first to be cut by funding. Demand full funding from your local representative.

Read the full Report and Strategy on the TMR website for cycling

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