Bunch Rides in Townsville

Here’s our list of the bunches we know will welcome newcomers. Bunch riding is social and gives you the motivation to get going in the morning. You also soon realize the city is easy to navigate by bike and hopefully  you will start using it for more of the journeys that you would usually take the car.

Dog Squad a popular beginners’ bunch.  No-drop ride formed off the back of Banish the Black Dog ride. Leaves Top Brand @ 530am Saturdays, and covers 30-50km @ 25kph.  https://www.facebook.com/TownsvilleDogSquad/

She Spoke A very supportive dynamic women-only ride. from TopBrand at 5-5:30am Wednesdays. Also ride Sat morning. Every so often Deb will lead a group for ladies who have a reasonable level of fitness but need some bunch riding skills. Generally 2-3 different groups with slowest bunch approx 28km/hr  .   Ask to be a member on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/736846356381720/

Seaview Bunch Generally 3 bunches: Social, intermediate and fast. Social is a no-drop 28km ride at approx 30km/hr ride. Tuesday and Thursday morning 5:30am from Seaview on The Strand. Normal pickup points are on, 5.00 at Aplins Weir, 5.05 at RRR Gilbert St Bus Stop, 5.10 at Tiffany’s.  Ask to be a member on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/562906557099829/  

Grey Edge Cycling A group of seniors who love riding, coffee, talking bikes and telling lies about their riding. All starts are 9:00 with the exception of the mountain bikes. Over Summer the Sunday rides may start at 8am. This will be advised. Times and descriptions under the contact details below.Enquiries contact:Peter Spicer 0431255510 Ian Richardson 47216363 John Mew 0413225471

This is a mixed social ride, husbands wives, girlfriends and boyfriends not fast, just a short ride, every type of bike including tandems
Leaving from Sherriff Park in Love Lane at 9.00 sharp and riding to Vickers Bridge on the bike path, then on to Mocha Mecca for coffee and back to Sherriff Park.
A blokes ride, road bikes, two groups,one will head to the dam, Pallarenda and an occasional mystery tour [ generally getting lost ], the second will stay on the bike paths for most of their ride
Meeting at Tumbetin Lodge and returning to same for coffee leaving at 9.00 sharp
Mountain bikes leaving Pallarenda on the Radar track at 4.30 pm. beers after
Same as Wednesdays
Mixed social ride leaving from Sherriff Park [same as Tuesdays] on bike path going around the lakes at Idalia and back to Tumbetin Lodge for coffee. Similar group to Tuesdays, leaving at 9.00 am sharp
Biggest group of the week leaving Tumbetin Lodge at 9.00 sharp ( over summer the Sunday rides may start at 8.00 am and this will be advised.), similar to Wednesday ride, Faster and more competitive, again a second group will stay on the bike paths

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