Queensland Cycling Advisory Group

The Townsville BUG was very pleased to have a representative attend the inaugural Queensland Cycling Advisory Group (QCAG) meeting in Brisbane.

This meeting was chaired by the Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports, the Hon Mark Bailey MP, with a range of other stakeholders and Qld cyclist advocacy groups also present encompassing: Brisbane CBD BUG, Brisbane North BUG, East BUG Inc., Bicycle Mackay, Bicycle Queensland, Chicks Who Ride Bikes and Pedal Brisbane.

The QCAG has been formed to provide input for the next stage in the development of the Queensland Government’s ten-year Qld Cycling Strategy 2016-26, and follows on from the 25 August 2016 Ministerial Cycling Forum.

The Townsville BUG rep at today’s meeting (Robert Teunisse) came away from today’s QCAG meeting feeling very positive about the process and its potential to lead to changes improving safety and convenience for people riding bikes. A particularly encouraging aspect of today’s meeting was the Minister’s receptiveness to stakeholder input.

The next QCAG meeting is now anticipated to be convened during January 2017.

Further information about the current and new cycling strategy can be accessed at: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Travel-and-t…/…/Cycling-strategies

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