2020 Ride for Road Safety

2020 Ride Date is set for

Sun 23th August 2020

Leaving at 7:30 am from Jezzine Barracks for full course
Leaving at 7:30 am from The Bicycle Pedlar for a slow 4 km family ride
Finish is at the Cotters Markets in the city.

Register here

You can view the full course on this interactive google map

Please arrive 30 minutes before start time to collect your red OT cap and listen to the pre-ride speeches and briefing.

R4RS - red OT caps 2

The full course ride takes about 1 hour.

Ride History

The Townsville Bicycle User Group runs The Ride for Road Safety annually in order to highlight the need to improve conditions for cycling. The event began in 2013 after two cyclists where injured and Sue Bell killed when a truck driver attempted to overtake a group of cyclists on Shaw Rd. This incident galvanised the Townsville community in the call for safer roads.

Media coverage of the ride

Minty from 4TOFM at the Ride for Road Safety 2016

Over 100 people ride 18km (or 4km option) through the main streets of Townsville with Police escorts and a green wave through all lights. In a spectacular show of symbolism all wear red Operating hats supplied by QLD Health.

Mrs Bell’s death and the community’s response to it contributed towards the push for the introduction of the laws to protect cyclists where motorists are now required to give at least a meter distance when passing cyclists, and a meter-and-a-half where the speed limit is higher than 60km/h.

More needs to be done to improve conditions both in road design and consideration and courtesy given on the roads and by being part of this ride you are making the impact needed to sustain the push for safer conditions. In 2016 Jeff Ashby lost his life after being hit by a truck.

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  1. Carl says:

    Is there a register button or page?


    1. frostfang83 says:

      Hi Carl, we are just finalizing the registration process and will add the registration button very soon.



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